Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The Thrift Boy Style Diary
Photographed by: Dianne Capellan

I think everyone loves wearing prints especially nowadays it is considered a huge trend. Whether it's a summer or a  fall, you just couldn't help but notice some people sporting it. Because of this fad, looking for printed pants is now my current favorite. It just brighten my mood and also improve my look whenever I'm dressed up in it. So going on, I found this printed floral and paisley pant from - well, none other than - a thrift store! When I stumble upon on this lovely piece, I completely set my eyes on it and consider that this is one of the chic-est pant I ever saw. 

As you can see or "Thank God!" if you didn't notice it, my pant is not totally slim on my thigh part. I think I forgot to tell the lady from the local tailoring to fix it too. However, I assume the outcome was good enough to put this on.

If you have a bold printed pant similar to mine and want it to be the focus of your look, the easier way to pull it off is by wearing a plain white shirt. And if you want to do it in a classy way, spice it up with a modish statement necklace like what I wore. Lakas lang maka-kontrabida!

Sahara white shirt

Divisoria bold necklace

Thrifted floral and paisley pant

Gifted ankle-high boots

P.S. Sorry for the white background! My upper body was nearly out of sight!