Thursday, May 16, 2013


Spring 2013 trend
Tips for personal style

                        Band of Outsiders                                  Carven                                      Donna Karan

                  10 Crosby Derek Lam                           Elie Saab                                          Gucci

                    Dolce & Gabbana                                    Dior                                             Erdem

It was irrefutable when different shades of blue splashed out the runways after our well-known designers presented their Spring 2013 collections. The color thus turned into one of the color trends—in a jiffy—nowadays, and you can visibly tell that the peaceful and soothing effect is largely propagated and practically accepted. However, before saying yes to this trend (and even to other color trends) you have to distinguish on how you will wear it depending on what style you own—less is more or more is more.


If you want an inconspicuous and unfussy look, then you’re a minimalist in this ongoing trend. The good thing about this style is going monochromatic—so you can wear a shift or empire-waist dress in royal blue.

One thing you must remember is that an uninterrupted color line creates a refined look and makes your stance appear slimmer. Another point that you can incorporate is that the color navy, or any dark shades, are the most slimming tones you can use.

Yet, even if you usually stick to one or two colors—like navy and white—you might want to add an extra hue that can match your mood to put in a little thrill. For instance, a pair of navy slim-cut pant in wool-silk can be paired with a white cotton v-neck t-shirt and a fuchsia cardigan sweater in cashmere. With this, keep in mind that wearing light and vivid colors will be your key to accentuate the parts of your body that you want to highlight.

In this manner, you will learn to consider that even if dark colors can give you a slender guise, light colors can brighten up your face, haul up your mood, and flaunt your individualism. So matching the darks and vibrants can result to balancing your figure because they lessen and highlight. Though, in combining light colors, you have to commit to memory that three colors can only be employed in any given outfit.


If you’re into embellishments, patterns, and prints,—or any other effects that can romanticize your outfit—then you are bound to clench this style. The most exciting idea about this fashion is to be playful about your look therefore it can be very lively and full of fun.

In this kind of style, you have to bear in mind your size and the right color combinations because it really matters. Say for this trend, you have a sapphire printed dress. In this manner, you must think about the color of the prints for it should be lighter than the color of the background—which is sapphire. It’s sensible and appropriate, in that case, because the dimmer the background, the more slimming the design is.

If you’re petite, then the right prints for you are teeny, low-contrast prints since it would be flattering for your figure. When you are tall individual, then you can pull of larger prints with more contrast. However, if you want to look thin on your outfit, I would suggest that you should look for bigger prints but only in light-contrast motifs or diagonal patterns. If you’re into stripes, it would be best to prefer vertical lines to achieve the elongating result.

Along these methods, if you have already identified your style and how to wear this trend, the only thing that you shouldn't miss to instill is the right confidence and good posture, because if not, no matter how fashionably-groomed you are, the end result would be misgiving.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Fly sunnies, Sahara shirt, Oxygen vest, gift-ed polyester pants, Rajo! for Milanos shoes

When I was chatting with my colleague two months ago (no, I won’t allude her) about our friend being single at long last, she directly said that at least he had several relationships than I do—in front of our other friends—and she was clear at her message that I will always be the notable “lonely” one.  I was surprised by her statement on that moment, and it was a bit offensive, but I’m done letting it go because I know in myself that what she had said was untruthful.

Every time I encounter people like her, I always ask myself if it’s an innate behavior or they are just really bunch of insensitive troop who fancies mortification in this baffling human race.

I don’t want to spread any hatred just because of that pointless skirmish. And I don’t have any intention to make her furious if ever she will read this. I just want to draw attention on the fact that it is more sensible to be soft-spoken and decent if you want to be truthful with someone. If you really care for the person, or even if you don’t, it is not necessary for you to use humiliation just to clearly convey the message that you need to express. You may want to think twice before saying something disrespectful because in one way or another, even if Gandhi’s quote is true (“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”), you can’t belittle the fact that at this present era, not everyone of us has a convincing self-esteem to adapt from this usually disconcerting trend.

I am not wishing for those people to change immediately. But I hope soon enough, they will realize that they can be the root cause of those individuals—who aren't strong enough to take those mocking—to harm themselves viciously.

Better yet, they wouldn't want to wait for that zenith to happen.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Fashion editorial from thefashionisto
Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2013

It was undeniable that Massimiliano Giornetti’s collection for Salvatore Ferragamo spring/summer 2013 exhibited the most vibrant and color blocking show of the season. It gave the modern guys a handful of options to wear, and also to combine, that can be infused in their wardrobe. The looks from the runway was sure to be a constriction in the industrial setting however this will provide them to gather new ways of incorporating colors in their outfit. For instance, the combination of tangerine and royal blue worked well and this can be employed from runway to reality by wearing a royal blue cotton pants (don’t forget to roll the cuffs), white tailored shirt, black brogues shoes, and tangerine watch. Well turned-out, eh?

Conversely, to make you more stirred, leaf through this fashion editorial from that will surely be a magnet for your personal style.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Fly sunnies, thrifted top, necklace and studded bracelets

“There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous.”

This striking and clever quote would be one of the few lines that I won’t forget from the fashion documentary—The September Issue—by American Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. It’s something that I really wanted to reflect on, not because of the person who said it, but because I was struck by its mysterious sense. I even recalled that I constantly hit the play button just to clearly understand its tiny barrier.

However, it seems that the clarity that I want to get won’t be provided by my VLC player. It rather pushed me to thrust my laptop away and put me into the know-how position.

And — I actually did.

Primarily, I’m the type of fashion enthusiast who often goes to see their own country’s fashion week. Here in Philippines, Spring-Summer collection happens every last week of October. So, on that time, as a typical “Patrick” that I am, I invited some of my friends to watch a designer’s show. (But it was actually a spur-of-the-moment invite since they had a get together that day.)