Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Fly sunnies, Sahara shirt, Oxygen vest, gift-ed polyester pants, Rajo! for Milanos shoes

When I was chatting with my colleague two months ago (no, I won’t allude her) about our friend being single at long last, she directly said that at least he had several relationships than I do—in front of our other friends—and she was clear at her message that I will always be the notable “lonely” one.  I was surprised by her statement on that moment, and it was a bit offensive, but I’m done letting it go because I know in myself that what she had said was untruthful.

Every time I encounter people like her, I always ask myself if it’s an innate behavior or they are just really bunch of insensitive troop who fancies mortification in this baffling human race.

I don’t want to spread any hatred just because of that pointless skirmish. And I don’t have any intention to make her furious if ever she will read this. I just want to draw attention on the fact that it is more sensible to be soft-spoken and decent if you want to be truthful with someone. If you really care for the person, or even if you don’t, it is not necessary for you to use humiliation just to clearly convey the message that you need to express. You may want to think twice before saying something disrespectful because in one way or another, even if Gandhi’s quote is true (“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”), you can’t belittle the fact that at this present era, not everyone of us has a convincing self-esteem to adapt from this usually disconcerting trend.

I am not wishing for those people to change immediately. But I hope soon enough, they will realize that they can be the root cause of those individuals—who aren't strong enough to take those mocking—to harm themselves viciously.

Better yet, they wouldn't want to wait for that zenith to happen.

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