Monday, August 22, 2011


I just can't let the opportunity pass to reblog this. Please gimme the chance to express my love for this duo specially to Carlos Concepcion (kingdomofthec), my much loved stylist and blogger. He's the new brand ambassador for Nikon Coolpix with Laureen Uy (breakmystyle). Nikon picked the right team up.


Both in the Fashion industry, expressive and stand-out photos are very important for Carlos Concepcion and Laureen Uy. Attention to details is crucial in what they do and that same precision is what they look for in a camera.

Carlos shares he wants a camera with him all the time but that "SLRs are too heavy, and with little motion, point-and-shoot photos tend to get blurry." In fashion shows where models strut in pace, a sharp, clear shot is what Carlos wants out of any camera. “What’s important to me is clarity of the picture because if you want to add or make the photo look vintage, you can do it through Photoshop,” says Carlos.

Being in the spotlight with siblings Liz and Vince, Laureen is used to being photographed, but she now takes a spot behind the lens to produce the photographic magic herself. Aside from keeping herself busy with her clothing business, Stylebreak, Laureen also dabbles into blogging, with numerous photos accompanying her posts. “Because I attend events, I use camera every day. There’s something special going on anytime, even just my every fashion,” she shares. Always on the lookout for quality, she wants every captured images I good quality as well. “Since I blog every day, people wants to see good photos. I check lighting all the time, together with setting and of course the design.”

With Nikon Coolpix, Carlos and Laureen are set to document fashion events, and translate them into a narrative through their photos.Not only does it have NIKKOR lenses, Coolpix also has blur-reduction functions: vibration reduction, motion detection, and high ISO capability to make sure every move is captured. Never mind the glaring lights or the long catwalks in a fashion show, with Clear Color display technology will make it easy to compose and share your pictures with anti glare coating and brightness adjustment. Take the best fashion shots with Nikon Coolpix Best Shot selector which takes 10 sequential shots in one shutter release and saves the best images. Coolpix cameras come in different colors, sure to match your style. Record runway action in HD Quality Movie in Stereo Sound Recording. Fashion enthusiasts will be delighted with the Coolpix cameras, such as S Series, S2500 and S3100 made for style and excellent performance.

Armed with their newest stylish accessory, Carlos and Laureen are set to dominate the local industry with their impressive photos and vivid interpretations of the fashion world with their Nikon Coolpix camera.

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  1. im a huge fan of laureen shes so stunning

  2. I'm a fan too. She's so unique, right? Thank you for visiting my blog! :D