Friday, April 6, 2012


            Last fall, designers presented their spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection. Everyone who attended had a pleasure to watch and critic the spring-y colors and spring-y prints of the designers. Laying the set on New York Fashion Week, in Carolina Herrera show, Nicki Minaj was on the front row sitting beside the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour. We all know that sitting next to Anna is the most desirable to be placed in as well as being invited and be seated on the front row.  But it seems that the Super Bass singer didn’t happen to comprise with that. On the article written by Rachel Hislop (click here), Nicki’s “not impressed to be in that world.” In piece of information, she said, “I’m in my own world. I think sometimes the fashion world isn’t even about clothes anymore; it’s about this “in” crowd, and I’m not into that.”
            Well honestly, she has a point. One example to be “in” is a young woman wishing to have a body like the Victoria’s Secret Angels’. Next thing you’ll know, she’s overindulging followed by an attempt to get rid of the food she’s consumed (most likely bulimia nervosa). But on her statement on having her ‘own world’ is a bit displeasing.  Surely, we can have our own world suggesting that we are unique in our own means, we have our own style and we own it. But no matter what you flaunt in public, either in a simple white cotton shirt and denim pants, you still belong to the fashion world and you can’t separate yourself from it. Even when you tell me that you don’t want to fit “in” the crowd, you can’t erase the fact that every piece of clothing that you wear belongs to the fashion world.  Without it, you can’t show to the world who you really are and who you would like to be just like what Nicki Minaj was implicating.
            By all means, Hislop had an assumption that Nicki thinks Fashion Week’s fashion is weak. And on her latest album “Roman Reloaded”, she has a song entitled “Come on a Cone” where she brought up a line referring to Anna Wintour.

"When I'm sitting with Anna, I'm really sitting with Anna / Ain't a metaphor punch line, I'm really sitting with Anna / Front row at Oscar de la Renta, posture / Ain't a bitch that could do it, not even my imposter."


  1. God Nicki Minaj is so weird, don't you think? lol

  2. Really weird! Thank you for dropping by :) I love your boots on your recent post btway.