Thursday, June 9, 2011


Guys wearing high-heels, pumps, platforms, colorful tights, sexy over-knees, mini dresses and the list goes on and on. Some of us may possibly still distressed about it, some of us may get a picture of it. But in reality, it's escalating and becoming more intense. And I'm loving it for whoever's sake!

Cross-dressing or transvestic fetishism is an artful way of expressing oneself. Every time I set my eyes on them, the first thing that usually comes to my mind is that these people are fearless. They are not scared of standing out in the crowd and obviously not anxious to the never-ending-unpleasant-judgment of small-minded people. Well hello small-minded people, start being accustomed of seeing it. You will only get sick and tired of yourself baffling about it.

In our society, they are socially misunderstood. But let's admit, once we get to know about them, they turned out to be great people! We all know their looks is remarkable because we can see it on how they mix and match women's clothes. I think it is their way of escaping from the stressful world of being a man. 

Taray, naka-GIVENCHY.

It is sad that they are regarded as horrible transvestites. I believe that cross-dressing is one of the least harmful of all hobbies that men should never be ashamed of. It's fun and it clearly gives a lot of men a great deal of pleasure and make it a hobby instead of doing harm to anyone. Don't let Freddy Krueger opt for the gold! Getting angry doesn't solve anything. It is rather wise to choose to be Grace Kelly ;)

This is why I got an idea for writing this post. Enjoy!



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  2. Some adolescent boys like to wear coloured fishnet tights with a pair of open toe sandals or knee high boots with high heels.