Sunday, July 24, 2011

PRINCE PELAYO | katelovesme

My new-found favorite blogger, Prince Pelayo.


While I was watching the live-stream of Becky Nights with Jake, Buern, Matt, Divine Lee, BJ Pascual and more, there were viewers who keep on saying hi, telling jokes and asking questions to them. Then one viewer asked if when can they guess Prince Pelayo or Bryan Boy. Of course, I know Bryan Boy but Prince Pelayo? Jake and I had the same reaction. We were so confused!

Jake, Matt and Buern.
BJ Pascual.
The viewer said he's british and definitely handsome. Then boomwapak! I googled him as quick as the ostrich runs and dandararaaaa, a good-looking guy just dashed up in front of my screen. 

Pelayo's style and tattoos are so addictive. And to tell you the truth, the first thing that came up to my mind was that he really wears his clothes really fine and chic. Also, his remarkable necklaces in every outfit are incredibly striking. I'm totally inspired by his personal style.

Prince Pelayo and Bryan Boy ftwin!

So anyway, I think, the best thing to do and to feel right now is to be out-and-out happy I have another fashion blogger that I can put in my Most Inspiring People List. Weepee!

He's included in GQ UK's Best Street Style Fashion and Time Magazine listed him in the “40 bloggers everyone is talking about” list. 

A quote from Prince:
"A blog is an instrument to deal with others' opinions, without letting them influence you negatively. For me, every single one of us is amazing. No matter what someone else says."

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