Saturday, April 21, 2012


Designer Luisa "Len" Cabili (left) produces distinctive clothes that promotes Philippine culture.

Back when she was still studying Clothing Technology at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Leonora Luisa "Len" Cabili was inspired to create authentic designs when she joined The Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company. The Philippine costumes they wore on stage which revealed the intricate patterns and tribal colors greatly influenced Cabili's ability to uphold the uniqueness of the native Filipino designs.

Established in 2010, this line (Filip+Inna) features matchless clothing which are embellished and handcrafted by several Filipino tribes specifically, T'boli, Gadang, B'laan, and Maranao. 

From the motif of the pieces, it encourages the elements of Filipino ethnicity which attracted the international market as well as the value, passion, and the stories behind the clothes by the groups. According to China Jocson of GMA news online (click here), "it has been around New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and The Hamptons."

In due time, Filip+Inna will also take place in Europe.

Nonetheless, what makes this line genuine is that part of its sales will be intended for financing a school for the ethnic groups. This goes to show that a world-class designer like Cabili is a good example for the aspiring Filipino designers to make use our own materials, be "inspired by anything Filipino" and make it known worldwide.

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