Friday, April 20, 2012


The fashion world recently started to set its eyes on at Shanghai Fashion Week, but not because Dior was in town. It rather set it aside and anticipated to catch a glimpse for the creativity and uniqueness of the Chinese designers. While looking so, they are surprised as the China's most artistic minds presented their breathtaking pieces which moved them into ruling the headlines as well as into the public's eye.

One good choice would be the designer Zix Guan who offered a very strong and momentous collection. She wants to make the women of China to feel powerful and sexy as the leather stands out in her collection mixing it with lace, wool, and chiffon. The combination of fabrics looks confidently mixed and it made the models appear so daring, controlling, and even intriguing. As the stiff and upright collars was presented, plus the accented shoulders, Zix Guan certainly achieved what she wants to convey and its for the women of China to live not only for their love, children, or their family but also for themselves.

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