Sunday, June 3, 2012


Oxygen Holiday 2012
Philippine Fashion Week

While I’m seated with my older brother at the Oxygen’s show we noticed the glossy vertical blinds on stage because we were astounded by the fact that it looked like just a wallpaper at first glance. You wouldn’t believe that just seeing it gave me the impression that this is going to be another remarkable collection.

As the show started, the tangerine jacket and a skirt with a peplum detail paraded off the also lacquered runway. After that, different shades of burgundy, salmons and sapphires were also distinguished on comfy knitwears, crisp shirts, sheer pieces, and velvety pumps. 

For the guys, striking polka dots on their polo shirts were also sighted making it as my personal favorite as well as the voguish cat prints on the shirts.

Moreover, Oxygen really gave an atmosphere of their inspiration - the colors of the sunset - while watching their collection. You can actually sense that it’s not an 8pm show as they let the audience feel that you’re taking a pleasure on the wonderful sunset along Manila Bay.

Undeniably sleek, prestigious and dazzling collection, Oxygen seemed to anticipate that we’re all electrified again to see their collection on their stands to snap it up and flaunt it to the world.

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