Sunday, June 3, 2012


Ezra Santos Holiday 2012
Philippine Fashion Week

Dubai-based designer Ezra Santos presented a spectacular, worthy of prolonged applause, and standing ovation for his collection. He could even made the audience tremble on their seats because every structure of his pieces -the sharp beading, the lacy details on men, and the festooned tulle and organzas – can truly magnetize the attention and the fascination of any audience. The white bodysuit with the embellished swarovski crystals and an enclosed jacket worn by Joan Bitagcol started the ball rolling.
Ezra Santos was inspired by the impressive architecture on Dubai as well as its uncultivated and unregulated desert. He was also drawn on the fact that a sandstorm is taking place on such a highly developed city. All of these ideas showed on the color palette that he used akin to silky pink, beige, peach, and orange. You could really imagine that you are part of the Carrie Bradshaw gang in Sex and The City 2 having a splendid and deluxe retreat in Abu Dhabi.

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