Sunday, June 10, 2012


Chris Jasler Holiday 2012
Philippine Fashion Week

Last season, Chris Jasler simply transformed jackets into jeans. On his latest collection for Holiday 2012, he took us to the most extreme and lust-worthy.

As the gorgeous male model walked down the runway - boasting a denim bag around his body wearing only a leather boy shorts - and stood up there for about awhile, I knew at that moment that something tremendous will happen again. He unzipped his bag, carried out a black sleeveless top, wore it, then the denim bag turns into a pair of studded and zipper detailed jeans that fit very well and looks perefectly striking to him.

I think that just proves that no one could open a show as marvelously as Chris.

The collection revolves around festooned skulls, one-sleeved jackets, studded and buckled vests, and even a long-sleeved lace dress mixed with denim details worn by Philippe Escalambre. If truth be told, I really fancy those masks and spiky heel-less shoes worn by both male and female models. It appeared genuinely good on them, mind you.

Another favorable trait of his collection was it didn’t classify sex. He made both of the genders show masculinity and femininity at the same time without strictly losing their true individuality. That, my dear, is what you call cleverness on high-fashion.

Furthermore, all that you’re gonna think about on that moment was to grab every single of Jasler’s pieces and think if you’re suave enough to pull it off around the streets. Yes, it looks nasty. But after all, there’s nothing wrong to put on a silly attitude at times.


  1. Congratulation! You have set the perfect trilogy of imagination, inspiration and creativity at your advantage! You're an anointed Fashion Designer! Ikaw na!

  2. Wow! May I know who's this? Salamat naman ng bongga! :)