Saturday, July 7, 2012


Prada Spring 2013 Menswear
Milan Fashion Week

If last season’s collection was all about studded and printed short-sleeved shirts, vibrant golfer shoes and printed trousers, this time around, Prada’s Spring 2013 collection was a total contradictory. But that didn’t indicate Miuccia’s amend on her artistic power. Instead, she consciously pulled through and pointed toward equality on both sexual characteristics even on the aged generation.

To point at, uniformity and similitude was the enlightening tale of her show. From color-blocking polo shirts in different color palettes like blue, grey, and burgundy, the exaggerated proportions on blazers, and few fur pieces seemed the catching feature of these unisex crowd. In connection with that, sandals from beginning to end also came into view that was just ideal on the purpose and drive of Miuccia’s inspiration.

Thus, as she insisted to reveal that “Simplicity is repetitive and equal": male and female (old and young) strutted down the runway where the atmosphere of minimalism and athleticism was established. In that case, headbands and borders around neckline, on the inside leg, and hem could involve Prada’s rule on this collection. It became her decorative elements where the people were surprised because of the plainness that she showed.

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