Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Philippine Fashion Week Day 2
Dax Bayani's Palenquera

Dax Bayani was one of the designers that showcased fancy and colorful collection in PhFW. From his entire fresh take on midriff bikinis like those with widen cap cleeves, cover-ups that’s knitted and trunks for guys which popped some neons into his colors, he took the inspiration of these multi-colored prints from the colorful traditional costume of great city in Southern Mexico – Palenque. It’s a Maya city that was soaked up into jungle which is made up of sapodilla trees, mahogany, and cedar. But at this point, it’s amazingly restored and is now a famous attraction.

Bayani’s lightweight materials include polyester, chiffon, and spandex that compliment the female’s stature in a classy manner. What’s more, he also brought modern cuts and styles in swimming suits like high-waist and high-cut leg bikinis. Nonetheless, his turbans (with varieties of prints and colors) added coolness on the show that revealed new ways to add fun and excitement on the beach next summer. And finally, for our necessities on the beach (lotion, sunglasses, cellphone, and wallets) Bayani summoned up to offer handbags and backpack – brought up by guys – that even I would love to carry for next summer.

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