Saturday, November 3, 2012


Philippine Fashion Week
Russell Villafuerte's Tribu

As the name of Russell Villafuerte’s show suggests, you would be expecting aztec prints to come out filled with colors and patterns that imply native civilization. Fair enough, Villafuerte took up the ethnic festivals of Panay Island (like the checkered design and woven clothing) in an impressive kind of way. All throughout the pieces, he got the inspiration of making this collection from the costumes and painted tribal tattoos of the Ati-Atihan and the Dinagyang natives drawing attention to black, white, and gray leather pieces, chiffon, mesh like the Alexander Wang-ish maxi skirts and dresses, cotton, knit, and jersey fabrics.

As the first look came in – the sheer-paneled top paired with high-waisted leather shorts with woven check pattern exterior of its pockets – you would clearly notice the dexterity and skill he got in putting those themes in the collection. Then afterwards, black-on-black garments went through highlighting it with pleather cutouts forming it like tribal tattoos. Not to mention the enviable eyewears with leather and feather details as well as the caps.

Nonetheless, what Villafuerte entailed in this collection is the laid-back and sporty style for both men and women but still significantly showed fashionable and smart taste. I would even aim for that mesh t-shirt based top and pair it with his take on menswear pants – the one with woven leather pockets. Along with these, Russel Villafuerte presented everything in comfortable and relaxing selections that will surely be snapped up immediately.

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