Friday, November 2, 2012


Philippine Fashion Week
Sassa Jimenez's Morning Blaze

First and foremost, even though Sassa Jimenez’s collection is simply no other than for women, no one could take away the feeling inside my body that I can be dressed in, in some of her Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Jimenez came up with a title Morning Blaze for her show. She had a shot to encapsulate the afro-psychedelic look of post-civil war Nigeria. Putting it on her collection, the psychedelic look gave the impression of having intense and wild energy of 60’s and 70’s like the high-waisted wide leg trousers. The matching prints on button-down and bottoms added a delightful and lovable flavors on the show also the feather details on some of the pieces as well as the headphones that has element of spikes. It entailed hip hop, punk, and psychedelic rock. What’s more, it oozed the women in the audience and yes, they all salivated over them. (Even me. If I may say so!)

What also caught my attention was the Suno-ish above the knee length dress because of the prints and cut-out points to it. It would be perfect for a girl who wants to insinuate modernism and optimism in dressing.

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