Friday, March 22, 2013


Fall 2013 Trend

                                        Carolina Herrera                                                                                     Oscar de la Renta

                                                    Dolce & Gabbana                                                                                         Christian Dior

As I devour this month’s latest issue of Preview magazine, womenswear designer Dax Bayani said that “Fashion is all about reinventing the classics and breathing new life into the clothes”. His assertion lead me back to the recent Fall 2013 collections given that some of the designers (from New York, Paris, and Milan) executed various silhouettes from the 40’s. Why did they carry out such thing?  Maybe because some of the 40’s elements can still be incorporated into a modern wardrobe or the answer might be on what Dax Bayani just stated: remaking what’s old.

                                           Marc Jacobs                                                                                               Lanvin

But of course it was a full-of-fun-invention the designers have accomplished just like what Raf Simons did on Christian Dior. The “New Look” or the classic Bar suit, introduced in 1947, corresponded with wide-leg pants this time around. There were also knee-length and mid-calf dresses that would bring you back on the emerging of legs in the 40’s and nipped waist suits in Oscar de la Renta and Dolce & Gabbana, the puffed shoulders in Carolina Herrera, Lanvin, and Ralph Lauren, the double-breasted fastening on coats and zipped overcoats on Miu Miu, and the feline slip dresses at Marc Jacobs.

                                           Miu Miu                                                                                                 Ralph Lauren

From here, you would realize that reinvention comes with ingenuity, imagination, and creativity of one’s mind to integrate it into contemporary clothing. That, of course, also approaches the women’s style for the upcoming season. The only point that a lady must remember is that she have many options to pick to have a dash of 40’s look into her wardrobe. And the technique to construct it into fresher look is just adding up the perfect accessories like a statement heel or chunky platform; horn rimmed glasses or if you want it to be more classy, a “cat’s eye” shape is not to be faulted.

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