Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Mike Lavarez Holiday 2012
Philippine Fashion Week

When it comes to wearable, effortless, but matchless pieces, I would say Mike Lavarez’s collection is what you must aim for. You can never go wrong on a charcoal black and a grey palette taking notice on one of my favorite piece on him; his short-sleeved polo shirt in a light fabric with a gold horizontal zipper from the chest making its way up to the leather collar. From that, I could tell that it did not disappoint his fashion week gents even if it was his first time to make garments on them.

Moving on to the ladies, you’ll distinguish the subtle sexiness on what they’re sporting - leather kilts, sheer skirts, and paneled vests with lengthened trains.

There was also the shade of pale red on both of his menswear and womenswear – a sweater with black element on the neckline for an instance - to draw a distinction. Large scarves with embellished hems were also distinguished as well as the gold and bold detailing.

Nonetheless, I think the way he played on accenting the leather was the highlight of the collection. Leather shorts on men were indeed a desirable piece yet leather bags were also a good accessory to add coolness. Thus, there’s nothing uncomplicated and unfussy when wearing a Mike Lavarez creation. You’ll just like it the way it’s dressed on you.

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