Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jerome Salaya Ang Holiday 2012
Philippine Fashion Week

Entitled Skin, Sin & Bones, he started a motion editorial where there were three sisters doing their makeup, sparks of camera became visible taken in slow motion, and thrilling and bloodcurdling shots appeared between the flashes. It was creepy and daunting thus with the intention of revealing something unsolved.

Subsequently, the ladies in leather paillettes, head bandages, with fiendish attitude in all black came out of the x-shaped runway with platforms on the side and at its end. Knowing a little manner of his show, he would always insert a twist on the music for us to be in awe. As a result, Ana Feleo, an opera singer, appeared on the catwalk and did a live vocalization while the models slowly walked and posed like a worn out dolls but clothed in a Jerome’s couture creations.

As they uncovered their guts, the gushes of their skins bared the fabrics, beadworks, and Baroque avian prints. However, these detailings were responded with asymmetrical cuts, lacing bodices on all the sides that you can think of (sides, backs, and fronts), floral cutouts elaborated on the dresses, and parading ruffles and layers on almost all of his pieces.

But to his inventive skills, it wasn't a complete dark collection after all. There was in fact a graceful touch to it getting hold of his inspiration from his father who passed away recently. It was then the radiance of Lucy Torres-Gomez -in a black serpentine gown accompanied by Philippe Escalambre and Ram Sagad in black togas – who conveyed that there’s a conclusion in every battle that we experience and it ends before long in a delighted and contented way.

So for that reason, Jerome did not just succeed in transcending our continued existence. He also made sure that we realize we still have the chance to rekindle our days at this time because at the end of the day, our life here is indeed momentary.

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