Friday, June 15, 2012


Happy Andrada Holiday 2012
Philippine Fashion Week

It was a spine-chilling show when I watched Happy Andrada’s Holiday 2012 collection. She was inspired by incorporeal beings and unworldly atmosphere that totally surprised me when they strolled down the runway giving the impression of wandering souls that gone astray in our world.

She instantly set the entire audience into a creepy ambiance with the aim of enlightening us that these vanished souls are trying to link with the realm of the existing to reconcile their unfinished life. They were all sporting a white hair appearing in missionary disarray and dressed in a flawlessly white wedding gown in fantasy tulle. What made Happy’s collection that stunned me more was the skull - held by her models - became their bouquet as to convey that they’re searching in lieu of their abandoned love.

Furthermore, souls of these beautiful women continued to drift clothed in floating tulle, dip-dyed black pieces, sheer lace, appliqués, and interweaved cotton and organza.

With a collection like Happy Andrada’s, I wouldn’t mind haunted by these picturesque souls even encountering their mystifying dimension.

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